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The initial stages of the form of anarchy (1) starvation, (2) unemployment, (3) housing problem. These signs of anarchy have just begun to emerge. Just as the sun before sunrise makes us aware of sunrise, similarly these problems are the pre-chapter of the upcoming population explosion, if the man still does not act with discretion then how long will nature sit quietly? More control over the current enthusiasm will not be possible the next days. Yes, so much effort will be made that mankind should be taken out of the path to surviving for at least a hundred years. Efforts have been made for this from now on and in the period of two thousand twenty-one hundred twenty-one hundred, what is to be done, what is to be, what is to be made – today the outline of it should be clear to everyone and the necessary efforts to complete it are time To be started. Arthur C. Clarke, an economist and Prof. In the world-plan for the next century by Curve Mr Fuller, population growth has been given the first place and according to this, a program has been made to fully employ the current and future scientific achievements in the achievement of the means. According to his statement, the production of meat will stop in the next century, because it will be very expensive. It usually costs 20 pounds of feed to prepare one pound of meat.

Producing so little meat by spending so much vegetation is a sheer loss deal. For this, so much power of fertile land cannot be wasted. Feeding animals to animals and then producing meat, which will come in handy to make things like fodder, sawdust, timber or paper, cardboard, is utterly wasteful. Space and dosage can be saved for very few milking cows — what is less? This will also be possible when humans can be prepared for location and dose reduction. Milk and curd will easily make vegetation like soybean. Ghee is a type of oil. The need for lubricating oil can only be fulfilled, then what is the need for ghee? Artificial meat can be prepared easily by mixing protein and bacteria in the oil, then there will be no need to adopt a long and expensive process of getting entangled in the animal-meat jungle. Success has still been achieved in France in making artificial meat, and that method will become even simpler and better in the future. Roads encircle a lot of lands and destroy the fertility of the ground wherever they become paved. These days, the destruction of the land that the roads have surrounded and are going to encircle in the future has to be seriously considered. Roads will either run under the ground or will fulfil the need for cheap air traffic and transportation. On the land surrounded by roads, large crops of nutritious variety and grasses that are harvested many times a year will be planted. Vegetation will have to be used solely for dietary purposes, only then man’s stomach will be full. The habit of eating food these days will have to be discarded at that time. The proportion of seed is very small compared to the size of the grain plant. Most of the crops go in the form of straw. Now, even animals take straw and fodder, the animals will not remain there or else the fodder will not be useful. In such a situation, the habit of eating the whole grass has to be used.

After all, other vegetarian animals also live by eating grass, then what should be the object of a human being? Protein and other vital elements are present in sufficient quantity in the grass. Sawdust can give flour work. Other things can also be added as per the need, but the dough will be made of grass. The circulation of grains will also have to be excluded the next day, like animal-meat. Fake milk, fake yoghurt, fake ghee, fake meat When all the food items start becoming artificial, then why would anyone insist on eating cereal flour only? In a few days, people will be ready to eat grass flour. If it is not there, then it will make you compelled like that. Trees are essential for humans to get a clean breath. 25 square feet of ground gives a man suitable air to breathe. Therefore, the management of tree-gardens in open spaces will have to be increased. Then the roads will not have to be wiped out, they will also make houses several floors high.

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