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Human fights these two pitches to extinguish the fire of inner displeasure, but where is the water in them as well. Britons complain that boys and girls below the age of 14 have become alcoholic in double numbers in these few days. They, at this young age, suffer from other evil crimes and adopt various kinds of crimes to fulfil the need of the mind. The truth is that a life without goals will always remain turbulent, no matter how many luxuries of luxury are available to the poor. And rich and well-educated people are found to be more upset than uneducated people.

Marilyn Monroe was a hotspot among American actresses acting in movies. Due to her beauty, elation, smile, and melodious voice, she used to dominate the minds of millions of screen viewers.

She has been the queen of the hearts of art lovers — she realized the full value of her acting, earned millions of rupees and counted among the rich and happy people of high class. There used to be a long line. He also selected the best suits in them. But the attraction of far-off ceased upon coming closer and had to be divorced a few days later. He did this test again and again with new enthusiasm and new experiences. Married one after the other and divorced them all. Not a single person should deserve this which she can give heart and get her heart. He did not get happiness from anyone. So discouraged, he stopped the experiment and came to the conclusion that there is no benefit from marriage, but to tie a jeweller around his neck. He got applause and money too, but he never saw a single moment of peace and contentment. There was a lot of hatred in the mind of the people – from their behaviour – the way of age; He had to play a double game of sarcasm with one eye and infinite contempt from the other eye. In the end, she got tired and crushed.

The contradictions hollowed him out, he gave up his profession in the waning age was forced to leave. Mental stress took her sleep away. Along with insomnia, irritated spirits kept haunting him. Satisfied with internal disturbances, he decided one day that there is no benefit in living such a dull and harsh life. So he applied some sleeping pills to his chest at the time of trouble. Opened the vial and went on eating dozens of pills one after the other. Finally, she fell asleep forever with him. When his dead body was removed by breaking the door in the morning, it was covered with a deep shadow of gloom and despair, so that the beauty of the face was still there and the wealth was also safe in its place. The eyes are dazzled, despite being very attractive, it is always hollow because there are no lofty goals behind it nor any ideal. People are unsuccessful in creating various types of pageantry only for the fulfilment of luxury, craving and egoism. In any way, without thinking about policy and imperfection, collect as much pleasure and resources as possible and enjoy it as much as possible without taking care of dignity. The consequences of this so-called progress and civilization are in front of us today.

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