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Eutopia is not based on Alatappu Kalpana flights, but some conclusions are drawn keeping in mind the current activities and future circumstances behind them. It is concluded that the future camel is taken by resorting to many facts like the progress of science, industrial development, a reversal of powers, growth of population, limitation of resources, change in human nature, the balance of consumption and production. It is about to turn. All these facts affect each other. What is the trend towards which slope is going and what will be the turning point in the next days, who has the brilliant imagination to understand this chess properly and is collecting the necessary facts correctly, the future for them? It is not very difficult to conclude such a conclusion which usually comes right. The big business firms of the rich countries keep their own department to research this future statement and spend a lot on it. Important research work under the Knowledge Branch of Future Science was done in America, an organization was working recently. —The name was his ‘raid’. It had a huge building near the centre of Santa Monica, in which many intellectuals – after studying various activities of the world, assessing the future prospects and presenting useful suggestions to different sections of America in that direction. One of these researchers was Harsan Kahn. He left the said institution and formed his own separate institute of the same kind. Named Harsan Institute. Which people also call as ‘ThinkTenk’ meaning knowledge pool. Harson is considered one of the world’s most knowledgeable people. Harson’s important book is ‘Aan thermonuclear r bar’. In this atomic war, it has elaborated on its possibility and reaction and suggested what America should know in terms of that catastrophe. This book has baffled the minds of the public and the government. In the book where the publisher praised so much, the author was also despised as ‘Idiot Genius’. Whatever Harsan is doing with his mind in his research work. His research institute employs 75 people. Of these, 35 are very highly scholarly and have a subtle vision.

This ‘Motu’ futuristic speaker, 300 pounds heavier, has a reputation as a computer on the go. From time to time, his political and industrial futures have been right so far. Hassan has (1) growing population (2) growing wealth (3) growing government control (4) increasing scientific progress (5) And has attracted the attention of the world towards increasing selfishness and said that in time these five tribes will be stopped otherwise the next century will have to face the incurable problems, the present progress will prove to be the trap of hanging in the neck of mankind the next day. Is this progress? Man has undoubtedly made unlimited progress in the last centuries. This era of its own is considered to be the era of progress. It is said for this progress that the achievements and facilities that the ancestors had received, their achievements have increased much more than these. This claim is true only to the extent that it is undoubtedly increased, but in which direction progress has been made. The rise can also be in the direction of uplift and downward direction. It is possible to say that progress has been made not only in increasing the number of resources but on increasing intelligence that can be properly utilized. If increasing means are being used for annihilation and decadence, then it will be said that compared to this advancement, that absence was good in which human beings would live with affection, harmony and peace and satisfaction. What have we found from him? How much has he contributed to the increase of mental, physical and social happiness – peace – human values. This is something to consider. The most progressive country in Europe is West Germany and France is the most prosperous country on the continent. The subjects of these two countries are very well equipped and full of resources. They do not have the time to think that this prosperity can be used more than a personal luxury. The joy of luxury seems to be the achievement of life. In the city of Paris alone there are 1500 clubs in which young male and female exiles dance and live in raga-rang.

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