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On average, among the new children, the female start generating new generations at the age of 19 and boys at the age of 21. In this way, the yearly growth of population growth starts to increase amazingly. If there is no extraordinary hurdle in the current activity, then in the year 80 this number will reach 10 annual. It is also said that in two thousand years a situation will arise that if the great war does not erupt, the increasing population will make the subsistence of human beings in the world unstable and due to limited earth resources, the increased population will be starved or epidemic. To stop the increase in population, every person of the thoughtful level is concerned. It is not the case of those utter fools who consider misfortune to have children even in this situation and turn to hanker to produce children. In principle, it is now believed that it is in the interest of the individual and society that in the present situation, child growth should be considered as a human travesty and should be avoided as much as possible. Various types of propaganda to curb the government population It is doing this and is gathering resources, yet control over this flood is happening in very small quantities with hope and need. There is a plurality of the uneducated and backward class in the world, it is still not aware of the ill effects of unnecessary growth of child production, and in this growth is indulging, even if it results in anything to anyone, no matter how much.

The biggest crisis for the growing population will be the shortage of food items. The amount of food that is produced in the world is filled with difficulty only. The versatile efforts of production are far behind compared to the growing population and the result of all the efforts of food production is also insufficient. There has been thought to be some relief in the consumption of food to increase the habit of eating. But due to the increase of humans, the problem of habitat and fodder for animals is getting complicated. The proportion of animals in the world is not decreasing rapidly because of the slaughterhouse consumption of leather and meat. And scarcity and inflation of milk, ghee, mother etc. are coming out. In no time, animals will be forced to lose their existence in the rivalry of humans. Those who understand the seriousness of the situation say that next day neither cow will survive nor goat. Due to the clearing of the forest, the flesh of wild animals will also become inaccessible. The life of fish will become impossible, given the amount of water that is being dumped in the ocean and the quantity of water leftover from the atomic energy production of the toxic water of the factories of big cities of domesticated or wild animals.

If the astral weapons like the great war, epidemic catastrophe do not work, then food will have to be worried for the growing population of humans and at least find a way to see the heart-rending scenes of dying of hunger and suffering. In order to solve the food problem, visionary thinkers are thinking that in view of the crisis presented in the achievement of food or milk or meat, ‘grass’ should be made the main medium of diet. When innumerable animals live by losing grass, then what and why should a person experience difficulty in relying on him? For the purpose of raising the system of the residence, agriculture, industry, transport, traffic, education, governance, medicine etc. for the increased population of human beings, the part of greenery generated from the present land will be reduced randomly. Then the animals have to end their existence on this earth. No one will see a cow, buffalo, horse, donkey, sheep, goat. In such a situation, the hay straw left from agricultural production will become the medium of subsistence of humans.

Wood will not be found by going to the tree. The pulp of grass-straw will be converted into the wood by special chemical reactions. The needs of clothes, paper etc. will also have to be met by grass. Out of this, the fraction which will be human-friendly will be converted into food. Due to lack of practice, people will have difficulty in eating grass like animals. The teeth will not be able to chew him properly, the stomach will not be able to digest it in raw form. In such a situation, the scientific class has thought that the grass should be transformed into a form that can get the appearance and taste of the current food items. It is not just imagination or planning but a fact which is given these days to give practical form. Efforts are being made at a rapid pace and promising success is being achieved in them. Protein requirement is considered the most in the diet. In the past, an attempt has been made to get it through seeds of oil and substituted food items of ghee, milk, eggs, meat, nuts etc. have been made in it.

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