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87-year-old English poet Ezra Pined, who received the Nobel Prize for Literature, also died in 1972. He has tried to tell in his more popular poem that we are stuck in the paranoia of civilization, in order to adopt the wildness of primitive times. Stanislav Andresky is neither a poet nor a writer. He is a pure scientist, but he has called today’s scientific era a time of misconceptions and he has proved this fact in a book called ‘World of Magicians’. They say that there are many things that we seek and create, but what we use and use, it leads to progress, not to progress. He has developed, due to which he can complete himself with maximum resources. His own moral, character and spiritual level could not rise, no such efforts were special. As a result, a man equipped with resources, who used to be busy in earning and living struggles, now started to remain empty and convenient. It is clear that the matter of doing something in the empty mind continues to arise. It should be said with misfortune that in the absence of determination, goal and life education, today’s man has moved towards the decline and some intellectuals have given this degradation to the human nature by declaring it to be a fall into the pit of collapse. . Erotic sensations, sex, sexual pleasure and similar petty sports that are trying to represent the element of life should be called unfortunate.

These days the amount of literature being written and printed to provoke erotic sensations, the amount of money being sold, the number of songs, instruments, acting and films that are going on, creating and promoting and using all the money and manpower Seems to be taken into account, it would seem that this industry is no less than war and drugs. His side effects are far greater than the combined fuss of both of them. On evaluating the findings of how badly people are becoming hollow by destroying their physical, mental, and moral health with this blatant provocation, it appears that this is a self-killing at a slow pace.

How terrible its social consequences are – how the decency of household life is destroyed and how generations become illusory, it cannot be easily explained. It is the work of this miracle to elevate a common sport of nature to the level of paramount need of life, which has made the illusion of provoking sexuality a good business. If different types of cosmetics are counted in this category, then it will become the first industry in the world and it will seem that more power than food production has been given to provoke sexual arousal. Disasters such as deterioration, diseases, disability and disorderliness are increasing, and there is a catastrophe in them so terrible that everyone in the world, thinkers, scientists and statesmen are worried about it. That problem is the population explosion caused by uncontrolled reproduction. Uncontrolled reproduction and fun life are the two vicious trends of this era that challenge the systematic activities of nature and force them to push into the various objections of life.

Population regulation is a bigger problem than today’s food, education, medical livelihood and war weight. That one problem can be called the origin and the other leaves. Watering, rooting, and rooting will work, but not the foliage. If the population is limited, it can be benefited from the grants of the earth, from the wealth of nature and various kinds of conflicts can be avoided. If the thoughtful people of the world are thinking different ways to solve this problem and the prudent classes are using different If it is a commendable effort, on the one hand, humanity is frightened by the problem of hunger, on the other hand, population growth is making that problem even more macabre. In order to find a solution to these problems, the sordid minds of the world are worried. Many think, but there is no effective way to overcome these problems. Yes, it becomes clear that whatever the end result, whatever the final solution comes out, until the next century, if this problem is not considered seriously from a personal, interpersonal and social point of view, it will have terrible consequences.

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