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All the castes which were highly breeding in the world were not only underdeveloped and degraded but also destroyed. The ‘Dynocerus’ and Brontosaran’ castes found in Europe, whose first states were inhabited, now no man can be seen in the world. Their women were usurped by other able castes and they were destroyed by fighting and fighting among themselves in the name of eating and wearing whereas some of the spartan Israelis and Kazakhs have made a proud place in the world despite being few. The theory of ‘no population – keeps life alive’ can be experienced by these examples. The war has just happened and Israel, numbering only a few lakhs, has defeated several crores of Arabs in 7 days. The pig is the most child-giving animal. It has to be fed by abominable means. The lion itself is very weak, on the other hand, the lion gives very few children, its physical ability is so intense that when it roars, it clings to the earth with the next claw then it roars. Legend has it that he fears that the earth may explode from my roar. This particular roar is called ‘Naki’ – when it roars, all the trees and plants of that area and the earth tremble.

There are more progeny castes, they (1) are soon exhausted (2) are weak (3) are disorganized so they remain the most backward in conflict and competition. One thing that is interesting is that of population growth. This ‘dinosaur’ is rushing to swallow, on the other hand, mankind is imagining the crisis by hiding its face in the sand like an ostrich. It is clear from this fact that despite many warnings, the growth rate of the population remains constant every year. On one hand, the growing population of the world is universally concerned and the matter of curbing it is being thought everywhere, there are some countries which are trying to increase their population. In such countries, the story of Bulgaria is absolutely bizarre where it is necessary for every woman to give birth to two children, for which they are duly given incentive awards.

A grant is given for two children per hundred, but if one child comes to three, then the assistance is immediately increased to two hundred, three hundred rupees per month. If a couple produces twins, then they are given a comfortable house free of cost. Along with this, a free pass is also available to travel anywhere in the whole country by train. What should be said about these stupid rules, rules and regulations that when there is a question mark on human existence on the one hand due to population growth. On the other hand, this fact is not being taken seriously. If efforts are made in this direction immediately by paying attention, then the next day, there will not be much control over the current enthusiasm of population growth and scientific progress. Yes, so much effort will be made that mankind should be taken out of the path for at least a hundred years to survive. Efforts have been made for this from now on and in the period from two thousand to twenty-one, what is to be done, what is to be, what is to be made – today the outline of it should be clear to everyone and the time required to complete it They will have to start eating. Even after this, if the proper efforts are not made to stop the growth of population, then from the food crisis to the various legal crises will arise the next day. Simpson and Botanist Prof. Dermokening has published its conclusions concerning some solutions to the problems arising from the increasing population — some of them summarized as follows — “The world population is growing rapidly every year. According to the compounding order, this number will increase even more in the next days.

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