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If anything is increasing in the whole world, then it is the production of human beings. The second needle in the clock ticks here and there, three children are born somewhere in the world. By the time a week passes the old population figures have increased to two million infants. That is why no population expert can ever give 100 percent information about the population of the earth. As soon as he utters a sentence, the number of hundred children will increase at the same time. How fast the world’s population is increasing, the data available in this twentieth century shows that in the census of 1901 all over the world. 2380 million human beings lived. They increased to 2520 million in 1911 and averaged 13 percent of the population growth. In 21, this population remained almost the same.

The German war and the epidemics that spread during those days did not allow the numbers to increase. In 31, as soon as the time of peace came, this number increased to 278 million, the average of the increase was 27 thousand. 3180 million reached in 41 and the growth rate reached 38 per thousand. This sequence increased further. 3600 million growth rate in 51 reached 42 per thousand. Number 4390 million in 61, 78 per thousand. 5000 million in 66 years and a growth rate of 61 percent. It is estimated that with the increasing speed of this compounding cycle, this number will be increased to 10000 million in the next 72 years after the census in 82, which means that the world population will be doubled in the next twenty years. Efforts have also been made to find out where the world’s population will reach the next day. The report published by the Bureau of American Population Studies says that the world’s population is increasing by 50 million every year. By 1980, 4 billion, 300 million and by 2000 it will become 6 billion, ie from 1960. The number of China alone would be one billion 500 million and if the devastation like an epidemic, war does not come and if the means of maintenance are available, then the population of India will become 1 billion in the year itself. There were 2.5 million people. At that time there was no fear of famine or epidemic.

The environment of the earth was pure, nature used to give so much food that agriculture etc. did not have to be wasted. People enjoyed travelling and learning. As the population increased complexity increased and with the same proportion health, health, livelihood, conservation, food, habitat, education, sociality, crime etc. problems also increased. Today, the whole world has become a problem due to the increase in population. Did the earth move away? In 1750, more than doubled to nearly 750 million. 1100 million people had come to this earth in 1852, in 1900 AD there was a population of 1600 million. 1810 million, 9 million in 1920 and 2240 million in 1940. In 1961, this number increased to 306 crores, 90 lakhs. This increase in population does not name a decrease, the earth has the capacity to carry the weight of more than 16000 million population. If the weight increases even by an hour, then the earth will go to the abyss, that is, it will be catastrophic. ‘1.9’ The time it took to write this number, at the same time, 1.9 new children were born. 225 children are born in one minute, their number becomes 225 ร— 60 = 13500 in one hour. Accordingly, a day should be 13500 ร— 24 = 334000, but the increase will be even more, because at most 20 years these children also start producing children, ie the sequence of growth increases at the rate of compounding interest. The average daily increase was 1 lakh 36 thousand 986.

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