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Every next year this complexity will only increase. After 7 years, where the population will be 128 for food, the production will be only 7 units. This means that 121 people will be born congenitally from unemployment, starvation, disease and illiteracy. This proportion of production will not only be in the field of food, but also in the area of self-protection and self-development. In this way, the crisis will increase in each region. That form of unemployment, starvation, illiteracy and indiscipline can be seen clearly today. Probably only on the basis of these figures, Dr V.R. Sen (who had previously illustrated the Ministry of Food of India, who was appointed Director-General of the United National Food and Agriculture Organization in 1966) said – ‘It is believed that there cannot be lasting peace and security in the world till then.’ Until hunger and scarcity are eradicated. In fact, not only the health and happiness of individuals but also the existence of an independent and democratic society is in danger. The next 14 years will be extremely fragile in human history.

Either we do everything possible to increase productivity and do not let the population grow, otherwise, we will have to face an unprecedented catastrophe. ‘This statement is not a fantasy of marriage, but a truth that will give us a terrible explosion in the coming days. Be careful to be prepared. There is limited material in the fund of nature, it cannot fill the stomach of unlimited people. Therefore he has made a theory that all the castes which grow like snakes of fireworks in Diwali should be destroyed. Flies and fish produce the most children in the world.

If nature also did not kill them fast then today 100 million of such land would have been required for these flies and fishes to live as their own earth. Then what Hogamalthus had warned in the first half of this century that the present rate of population growth should be stopped without delay, otherwise mankind should be prepared for the terrible natural consequences. According to geometrical calculations, population growth is increased from 1, 2, 79 to 4 in 77 and 8 in 80, so the growth of food production in all irrigation resources is increased by increasing the number of chemical fertilizers to make the maximum land arable, if production is increased by mathematical calculation 1 in 77, 2 in 78, 3 in 79 and 4 in 80 will only grow at the same speed. A situation will come when it reaches the break, what will happen at that time? Then the ‘destructive principle’ of nature will begin.

Malthus told that if a man does not work with discretion to stop the population, then nature, that is, the self-inflicted problems will automatically be brought to an end. It is good that people live a moderate life, but if it is not possible, then artificial means of birth control are also not bad – yet even if a man is adamant on his own insistence, then he should be ready for destruction like a manoeuvre from pre-war Lombok is an island in Indonesia. There was a famine in 1966, the residents made many efforts to save their lives by eating plant bark, snails, grass, algae, etc. However, in 6 months ten thousand people were destroyed by burning in a flame of bitter hunger.

This is when the means of connectivity of the entire earth is very developed and one country gets support from other countries, but when everyone is suffering from the same problem then no one will help anyone. According to the inverse Malthus theory, then people would not hesitate to kill ten men to get one kilo of maize flour. In the same year in 1966, Secretary of the World Organization (UNO), highlighting the problem of hunger. General U Thant had told in a report that 2 lakh children die every year in India only because they are unable to get the initial nutritional facilities. If the production of food grains is limited and the number of eaters is increasing, then this situation can take a more terrible form. Man alone is not entitled to robbery. Robberies also rob him. At the time of the 1966 census, there were 1 billion in India, if a rat steals ten pounds of grain every year, then almost 8 billion quintals of grains will not accept it without eating it, then naturally man will get angry on them and start eating wild animals. In this way, as soon as the forest ends, the creatures will become like that, then the man will eat the man, whether it is direct or indirect.

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