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5 thousand 708 in 1 hour and 95 men in 1 minute, according to that 3820 million in 1975, 6800 million in 2000, 13000 million in 2050 AD and 16000 million in 2064, but now 225 children are born per minute, It is no more than two times the average before, that is, the explosion that was to happen after a hundred years from the population should not happen now, at the end of this century. Explaining the ill effects of this intensity and growth of population in the world of Alina – Professor Hijwan Fostek, the physicist of the college, wrote – ‘In 2026 AD, mankind will come to an end after about 50 years from now, because the world population will reach the peak at that time.’ According to Dr. James Bonner – The world population is increasing by a ratio of 25 million per year, if it continues to grow in this way, then in the next century the population will be so much that it will not get more than one foot of earth per person. Its sleeping, waking, working, eating and drinking, drinking and urinating will be all in this. It is clear that there should be an explosion before the situation comes and humans should eat humans.

London’s famous health expert read an essay in the Royal Society of Health Congress in Blackpool, in which he said ‘2050 means the next eighty years of the world.’ The condition will become like a disaster. At that time, the population of three billion now will increase to nine billion. ‘In India, there is an increase of eleven hundred population per hour. 10 million people increase every year, in a small province like Kerala by 24347000 by 1976, fifteen hundred new babies are born here every day. ‘Why these days? From the above mentioned figures the catastrophic explosion of the population is happening these days. It has been said and told that this had never happened before. What is the reason for this?


Children were born earlier too, but the number of deaths was also higher due to not having enough capable means to deal with nature. Innumerable humans used to die due to famines, epidemics and other nature-outbreaks. The children were also limited due to not having furious tendencies. The widows and widows lived retired lives. Now before adolescence, the brain is trained to consume householder religion. Films, books and pictures that provoke lust are growing unaccounted for. There are often the same discussions in whisper. What is seen and heard is full of motivations that inspire sexuality. In these circumstances it is natural to increase the reproduction ratio. On the other hand, the progress of science has made such a system that the chances of dying of hunger or succumbing to nature-outbreak have been reduced. Diseases are very persistent, but they have also eased the enthusiasm to kill. On the other hand, new generations are being produced at a compounded rate by increased population.

One K3, 3 K9, 27 K27, 27 K81, 81 K243, 243 K729, 729 K2187, 2187 6561. If a person has three children, only 6561 children will go to the seventh generation. If this sequence continues, the number does not know from where it will reach. There is some restriction in this sequence, but the proportion of increase is so intense that in the near future the land will not remain empty for the habitat and food of humans. There will be shortage of water and there will be no place for education, business, transport etc. In such a situation, new places will have to be created if the present earth is inadequate. Malthus was concerned by seeing this wild increase in population and production and he did a well-known research work on the population which is the ‘population theory of Malthus’ in the world today Malthus Theory) is famous by name.

Malthus has given a description of the seriousness of the population growth – ‘The population is growing at a rate of geometrical progression ie 1 to 2. 2 to 4. 4 to 8. 8 to 16. 16 to 32. 32 to 64. 64 to 128 , While the output increases according to the arithmetical progression ie 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. According to this, there was 1 person in the first year, then he needed 1 unit of food, which was sufficient for his stomach. In the third year, people became 8, but the unit of food production remained 3. For the pressure of food for five people, the problem of maintenance will have to be fulfilled by cutting down the means of education, health, clothing, housing and entertainment etc.

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