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Were there any rail, motor, aircraft, electricity, radio, etc. two centuries ago from now? There were not so many schools, colleges and even where were the factories. The things that we are moving ahead of our ancestors include one thing that we are rising high – not in terms of character, courage, strength and foresight. The height of the right bodies has increased somewhat. According to scientific investigation, in the last hundred years, the average height of men has increased by 9 cm and that of women has increased by 3.5 cm. A hundred years ago, they are now 17 cm higher than the teenagers of 14 to 16 years old. Thus this increase in adolescence is at its peak. In comparison, there is relatively little difference between children, teenagers and the aged. It takes two years for a hundred years for the signs of youth to appear.

Now puberty signs begin between 12 and 14 years in boys and between 10 and 12 years in girls, whereas two years later it was 100 years ago. These days the tallest male in the world is America’s Robert Ig whose height is 9 foot 6 inches. The longest female among women is Marina Veg, resident of worlin, it is 8 feet 4 inches tall. Among men, Robert Egg is followed by two men. They are both 9 feet 3 inches. One of them is T. Evans of England. Many scientific instruments like power, radio, rail, motor, ship, wire, telephone etc. are collecting many facilities for us. Factories increased industry occupations and humans are relatively more wealthy.

There are only two areas in which there is a gradual retreat and falling down, they are goodwill and character-loyalty. Probably they have been considered less than smartness and selfishness. They are considered regressive and have been ridiculously left behind. As a result, we have become comparatively more impoverished, more miserable and more miserable despite having increased facilities. Today, man is very disappointed, but it is not due to lack, fear or pain but ‘abolition of faiths’. The man thinks what he lives for — who he lives for — who loves him — whom he loves. He does not get answers to these questions. As a result, he becomes increasingly frustrated. Sometimes he becomes a hippie, disorganized escapist to erase inner search and sometimes acts cruelly as a cruel, disorderly, terrorist.

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