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US science writer Isaac Asimov has told, with data, that the crisis that will arise in the next twenty years due to the increasing population is the main crisis in the lack of basic necessities of life. Air, water and food are the three things on which a human being lives. For the growing population, these three will neither get pure nor sufficient quantity in the next days. Even then, problems arising due to population growth will not be solved. A severe adverse effect of population growth will come in the form of lack of food cessation, there will also be a shortage of potable water. Because on one hand, the population is increasing, on the other hand, the factories will also grow. While we have to be thirsty, in the world the population is increasing on the one hand, on the other side the factories and industries are growing. The need for drinking water for both these increments is also increasing. Every person needs water for drinking, for bathing, for washing clothes, for kitchen and cleaning. As the level rises, this water requirement also increases by the same proportion. People eat and drink in their habitat, plant trees, fruits, flowers, weeds and animals. The demand for water increases for all of this. Water is needed in summer days for spraying and spraying.
Factories constantly ask for water. The larger the factory, the greater the demand for water. Steam trains and other machines require water. Purification-modification takes a lot of water. In cities, additional water is required for cleaning of floodplain, sewer lines and drain etc. The whole of agriculture and horticulture is resting on the water. Greenery and forest wealth survive on water.

Fodder water is essential in animal husbandry. There are many known and unknown grounds for which water is constantly needed. All this water has been received from the clouds. The snow that settles on the mountains — the melting of which the rivers flow is, in fact, a grant of clouds. Steam flying by the sea from the heat of the sun travels as clouds. Due to their rains, rivers, streams, wells, ponds, waterfalls are formed. The above requirements are fulfilled by them only. Along with the growth of trees, the growth of tree flora – grains, herbicides, animal lineages, factories tomorrow, has increased the demand for water more than ever before. This demand is becoming increasingly fierce day by day. With the grant of clouds, all the work has been going on till now.

The means of irrigation are completed from the river, pond, wells. Whatever they have is given by the clouds. It is clear that what is being given by the clouds falls short of meeting the requirements. There is a worry all over the world to get more quantity of drinking water so that it is possible to continue to meet the needs of humans, animals, plants and factories. They cannot be compelled to fulfil the requirement. Even when it rains, the darkness is unaccounted for. In the rain, they spread so much water that it is not possible to store it on the earth and it flows into the sea in large quantities. After this, the sky remains clear for the remaining eight months.

During the summer, one has to yearn for water. In these circumstances, man is forced to find other sources of water, otherwise, life will become scarce due to the water crisis in a few days. How will the work go when there is less water for excusing dirty things – growing greenery and bathing kitchens? Tomorrow the factories will continue their movement? America’s population is 200 million. There the expenditure of water spent on agriculture and animal husbandry comes back thirteen thousand gallons per person per day. The amount of water spent on domestic work and in industries is also equal to this. In this way, 26 thousand gallons of water is required every person behind. The population here is sparse and has plenty of water, even though it is being worried that the need for water will be presented as a crisis in the coming century. If you take Bombay alone in the big cities, then there is a requirement of 35 million gallons. The same plight is in most of the other cities. Most agricultural production in the countryside is dependent on rainfall.

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