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It is just a discussion of some of the current circumstances. Here it has been reviewed that if effort – effort would be possible to make the future right, it was only good. Disappointment is a natural situation, but the mindset of despair is a big crisis in itself. It breaks morale, inhibits enthusiasm.

It is not a matter of creation efforts being stopped completely. Even if the efforts are being made to improve the present and make the future brighter with possibilities, they are also lacking. If the courage of man is strong, then in spite of adversities, such a thing can be done, which can be surprising to see. Strong efforts such as the Pyramids of Egypt, the Panama Canal, the Suez Canal, the Great Wall of China have taken place in an environment full of optimistic adventure. When many people push the weight together, their combined strength and a magic hoof like ‘Hoisha’ emanates from the mouth, it fulfills its purpose.

British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill gave a slogan, V for Victory, to raise the morale of the British who were defeated during the days of World War II. That is, we have to win, no matter how strong the enemy? This signal formula was so publicized that it became a symbol of victory of sure faith. This hunk showed magical changes and Europe was awakened by the war. Broken Japan, despite the devastation of Hiroshima, remained uninterrupted for creation purposes, did not let morale break and today the economic market is in the hands of the whole world.

It is sure that the beliefs of the people can be given a proper turn to accept the stream of thought according to the era, then there is no reason that the emergence of happy, bright conditions cannot be possible. This is a Bhagirathi work like changing the flow and reversing it and making it straight, but not possible is completely possible.

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  1. Negativity can be so sneaky and difficult to identify. Recognition is the first step. I also love starting out my day with a short meditation and positive affirmation. It gets my day off to a positive start and shutting down the negativity then become easier. Thanks so much for commenting! Carie Barret Erlene

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